The subtle art of Not…

While browsing the web I happened upon an ad from Amazon of all places for a book, which is no surprise since I love to read. Normally I would quickly look at the ad and move on, but this time I had to stop and look for a second and then I just had to know more.

NSFW and NSFK past this point.

The title was The subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck, which made me want to read the book just based on the title. I purchased the book on Kindle and read it over the span of a month. I typically do not read self help books but this one really hit home for me, and I determined that what is said in that book is how I try to live my life. I think it would open a lot of people’s eyes if and when they read this book.

I think this book targets millennial and people of my age group since it does contain a lot of words not suitable for younger crowds or for listening to during work time. It also does not use overly complicated topics and really deals with real life concepts and uses real life experiences to relate points, which I think many people will find to be useful and educational while still being down to earth.

I will not give away what happens during the book, or what it talks about, but I wanted to just put out here how much this book has helped me realize who I am, and I hope it helps others find a better way to look at and understand life.

Buy the Subtle art of Not Giving a F**k on Amazon

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