Total Lunar Eclipse Jan 2019 Experience.

So I have always been a big fan of astronomy, so it is no surprise that I found out what time the lunar eclipse would be tonight and stayed up to see it. I went outside my apartment, and looked at the moon, and it was indeed dark with a red tint, which was just incredible. I will have pictures of this up soon. When I first walked out, I met one of my neighbors who was doing the same thing. I asked him if he could point me in the right direction so I could see it myself and I mentioned that I am visually impaired. He obliged and I was able to see it. I asked him if he had tried to use his phone to see the eclipse and he said that his phone wasn’t powerful enough. I tried mine and it worked amazingly well, and I let my neighbor use it. He was so impressed he said it was like using a telescope to see it, and he was really impressed. Now, I want to point something out to everyone. I am mostly blind and this man had all of his sight but didn’t know how to use the tools around him to properly see. Everyone can always learn something new, and even someone without sight can show anyone how to see the world a little better than they did one minute before. I think I will remember this experience for a very long time.

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